Established in 1996, Karaibrahimoğlu Machine started its operations in Giresun 2nd Organized Industrial Zone as the largest integrated wood pellet production facility in Turkey. It has a capacity of 30.000 tons / year with its strong machinery.

Since 2018, our company has started to produce burners with the aim of burning wood pellets, produced by the company itself, with high efficiency. As a result of long research and development studies carried out by our successful engineer team, our burners, patented and designed by us, have various capacities ranging from 200 kW to 2500 kW, and they are produced to burn all the biomass pellet products of our brand. They have been started to be used in hot water and steam boilers.

Our next aim is to increase the product variety and to become the most preferred brand in the world in the burner market.

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